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We wish to thank the TYPO3Buddy Community for there effort and help to rebuild up our web-site from scratch.  

A. Pretschner (October 2017)



What is PAES?

This study is focused on complex automated control processes, realized in such as in large-scale chemical plants, power plants and mechanical engineering production plants. Particular attention is payed to specific methods of large-scale systems and software-technology aspects. Technical tasks are accomplished adopting computer science and control technology methods in information detecting and industrial plants processing through automation of these systems (process automation and enterprise management). Of special interest are such subjects as control principles, control engineering design, data communications and database management and software technology. Even the basics of numerical analysis, artificial intelligence, simulation technology and real-time operation systems are been considered.

In recent years, the Institute's research profile shifted towards the use and control of biotechnological and biomedical systems. In collaboration with research institutes of the Biotechnology and Biomedicine, the Institute supports research in technical direction. Students who are interested in such challenging research tasks are able to participate in the form of Bachelor and Master Theses.

Since 2010 the Institute is more considering the new paradigms in the field of decentralized energy production and consumption. Specially the communication tasks in such processes are evaluated

Note on own behalf

The web-site is maintained by the Institute. It is online since September 2004. In 2011 the site was restructured using TYPO3. In July 2014 we begun to transform our web site to the new Long Term Version 6.2 of TYPO3, in April 2017 to Version LTS 8.7. Not all information are provided to the network completely,  especially some teaching contents are not available without registration. Please understand that. References and reviews please send to:


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