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New XML based Teaching Module Library of the Faculty

The following Module index of Bachelor Modules (EIB), Module index of Bachelor Modules (WTB), Module Index of Master Modules (EIM) and Modul Index of Master Module (WTM)let you find the version 2.0 of the online teaching modules of the faculty. The actual Version 1.0 you will find on the web-site of the faculty. It was created for an XML schema that is used for automatic generation of HTML output and PDF output. The generated XML database is revisable. If you are interested in details, so you can use the link to the XML-schema description of the module library.

In the further use of the database it is planned to produce the Study Regulations and Examination Regulations automatically too in form of generate DocBook files. As an example, you can visit my personal teaching modules-page at this website.

In the phase of the review, see the links of the Integrated Study and Examination Regulation of  WTB and  EIB (WTM, EIM).


XML based Hardware Description of the Faculty

 Following  XML-Hardware-Description is used for common usage and storage of all network ressoures